Slalom Rules

According to World Skate:

In Brazil:

Events calendar

Around the world you can find the link below.

The events that will take place in Brazil can be found on the BSS website.

About the competitions


In competitions you will find the following modalities of Inline Freestyle:

  • Slalom;
  • Slide;
  • Free Jump.

In Slalom the following categories are found:

  • Battle Freestyle Slalom or Battle;
  • Classic Freestyle Slalom or Classic;
  • Pair Freestyle Slalom or Pair;
  • Speed Slalom or Speed.

Note: in Brazil we usually do not have a Pair.

If you want to know more about each one:


The events can last from half a day as in the friendly ones, up to a week as in the World Cup.

Categories (age)

Competitions are generally divided between Junior and Senior.

Junior up to 18 years old;

Senior over 18 years.

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