In this article we will talk about skating and Slalom organizations.


World Skate is an organization that promotes the modalities of Skate and Skates. 

"World Skate works to unify the unique characteristics of its sports and to promote their global development." (World Skate).

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The Brazilian Confederation of Hockey and Skating (CBHP) is the organization that promotes skating in Brazil.

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Slalom Organizations


WSSA (World Slalom Skaters Association) is a organization that unites Slalom athletes and seeks the growth of sport in the world. 


Promote skating;

Regulate the modality;


"The World Slalom Skaters Association [WSSA] was formed in 2003 by a group of skaters whom have been practicing Freestyle Slalom since 1999. The sport was created through an integration of many skating style." (WSSA).


"WSSA aims is to provide a set of clear guidelines with which skaters all over the world can adopt to judge their skills and progress in the sport. Being a fun sport, the rules have been drawn up and updated constantly to adapt to the ever changing sport of freestyle slalom." (WSSA).

"WSSA will continue to strive for improvement to this sport through integrated effort of all who wish to contribute to the sports. In the years to come, WSSA’s aim is to develop this sport further by constantly setting new benchmark for skaters. Most importantly, WSSA hope to promote freestyle skating as a lifestyle sport to all skaters regardless of age, gender and discipline.” (WSSA)

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2. wss

WSS (World Slalom Series) is a organization that promotes Freestyle skating events and championships around the world. 

On their website you can find:

The calendar of events and championships;

Competition regulation;

World ranking, among others.

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3. bss


“BSS (Brasil Slalom Series) is a organization that promotes the main events and championships of Freestyle Skating in Brazil.” (BSS)

If you want to know more about the events calendar in Brazil and the Slalom rules, visit:

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