Why to rocker your skates

Rockering your skates your skates make it easier to turn in tricks. The middle wheels are slightly larger than the outer wheels, making the skates more unstable but easier when performing tricks.

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There are several types of wheel set ups, in this article we will focus on two, flat and rocker.

Set up is the way wheels are arranged at frames.

What are the differences between Flat and Rocker set ups?

Each wheel set up has its advantages and disadvantages. 

The flat set up will give you more stability and speed and is usually recommended for those who are starting.

While a rocker set up helps your curves and your mobility, we recommend for those who wants to learn Slalom.

What is a rocker set up??

Rocker is a wheel set up that helps your curves.

How to create a rocker set up?

For those who use a frame that supports Slalom wheels up to 80mm, rocker your skates as follows:

Frame up to 80mm

  • Inner wheels: 80mm
  • Outer wheels: 76mm

If you use a frame that supports wheels up to 76mm, then you can use it this way:

Frame up to 76mm

  • Inner wheels: 76mm
  • Outer wheels: 72mm

How many millimeters?

We generally use a 4 millimiters difference between the wheels.

But other differences can be used, for example, 2 millimeters.

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