In this article we will explain about Slalom and Inline Freestyle.


Slalom is a modality of Inline Freestyle.

It consists of performing tricks and / or movements in a rows of cones.

It has four categories: 

  • Classic Freestyle Slalom or Classic;
  • Battle Freestyle Slalom or Battle;
  • Pair Freestyle Slalom or Pair;
  • Speed Slalom or Speed.

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"The Slalom modality in inline skating has existed since the beginning of the 90s in Europe, but it appeared in Brazil in the middle of 1996, a year after the inline skating fever was installed all over Brazil with the launch of the new models." (BSS)

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About Inline Freestyle

It is considered a inline skating discipline.

It is also known as Inline Freestyle

It has 3 modalities:

  • Slalom;
  • Slide;
  • Free Jump.

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