Types of skates

For those who are starting out in skating, here are some tips about skates models.

The choice of skates is extremely important, as this is the primary tool for good learning. However, it is important to know which model is best for those just starting out.

Types of skates

There are several types of skates, in this article we will talk about these three types above, focusing on Inline Skates.

Ice Skates

Skates with a base blade, these are used in ice.

Existem patins de gelo para artístico (figure skates), para hóquei, para speed e entre outros.

Quad skates

These Skates have a four-wheel configuration, two in the front and two in the rear.

There are models for artistic, for jam, for speed, for roller Derby, among others. In addition, custom models are very common.

Above you can see some of these quad models. 

Inline skates

Skates with wheels in a inline configuration.

There are several models for different modalities. 

  • Hockey
  • Agressive (street)
  • Snow White (inline artistic)
  • Speed
  • Downhill
  • Fitness
  • Freestyle
  • Among others

Above you can see some of these models.

Next we will talk about Freestyle models.


There are several models of skates considered for freestyle.

The Freeride (Urban) model is normally used for urban (roller), rides and also for Slalom.

The "Grand Tourism" is a model created for large urban events, for tours and is also used in Slalom.

The models with Carbon are normally used by athletes and professionals of Slalom, Slide and Jump, because they help in the precision of their movements.

To learn more about the modalities and Freestyle we recommend the article below.

Types of Boots

– Freeride


– Fitness/recreation

– “Grand Tourism”

– Carbon

Inline skates boots can be hard boots or soft boot.

Hard boots usually have boots made of reinforced plastic.

While soft boots can be made of fabric, leather or plastic.


It is the Skates with rigid boot, its material is composed of reinforced plastic that surrounds the entire boot of the skates, it can be indicated for those who are starting in Slalom because the boot supports the twist created by tricks.


There are several models with Soft Boots, from skates for beginners to skates used by athletes of Slalom, Slide and Free Jump.

Usually made of cloth, vinyl or other material such as Mesh (fabric in open weaves that facilitate ventilation).

It is a roller skates that adjusts to the feet and are "softer" than hard boots.

Type 1 - Fitness / Recreation

Beginner skates Soft Boot, is the skates with more "soft" material to accommodate perfectly to your feet and make it comfortable, however, it leaves the skates very unstable for Slalom.

(Recommended for walks in the park).

Type 2 - "Grand Tourism"

Skates with Soft boot model, it is a skate with soft material that grips well to the feet, its Cuff is rigid and supports the ankle, this type of skates allows you to have more movement and does not let your foot twist drastically.

 (Recommended for Slalom, walks in the park and events).


It is the top of the line skates, usually fits the professional line of Slalom, Slide and Free Jump.

Its material is lighter and more precise, as it holds tightly to the feet. For being a inline skates professional slalom, your quilting is hard to mold to the foot, lacquering can take a while but when it is completely lacquered, the skates practically "turns" on your foot.